Suporte All-Purpose / Table / Car / Smartphone, Preto, CY115905

Suporte All-Purpose / Table / Car / Smartphone, Preto, CY115905


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Simple and ingenious - the holder for smartphone, tablet PC and GPS.
19 suction cups and a device support ensure a reliable hold. Since no frame in the way and thanks to the awesome simple Kostruktion this bracket is independent of the device. In addition, they can be anywhere, for example, be used in the car, at work or at home. Your 360 degree head offers flexible use.

  • Device-independent
  • Universal application
  • Flexible tilt angle
  • Dimensions board: 17.7cm x 14cm
  • Color: Black

EAN Code: 7823189876159
UPC Code: 0
Manufacturer Code: 0

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