About Novexa Mobile

Novexa Mobile is an online store of parts and accessories for mobile equipment lunched in 2000 to satisfy all users of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets.
Since then, our customers have seen Novexa Mobile as a partner in which they can trust knowing that all the products have a guaranteed of quality and that all possible support will be provided as much in technical questions as in any other type of help. For Novexa Mobile the main priority is to have a customer fully satisfied and only this way we can continue in this increasingly competitive market.
To make this possible, even if slightly more expensive, we advise our customers to purchase original products available on our store which lowers the probability of dissatisfaction.

Postal address
Apartado 545
Rua Viana da Mota, Nº 14
2726-701 Algueirão
Telefone: (+351) 936365536
E-mail: orders@novexa.pt
Site: www.novexa.pt/mobile

Our main goals


To be the best and most complete mobile, smartphone and tablet website


Create excellent buying opportunities to all our customers


Promote and establish a strong relationship with our customers


Ensure full satisfaction of our customers in all aspects

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