About Novexa

Novexa is a Portuguese brand created in the year 2000 when mobile phones were starting to get popular and gaining in wireless telecommunications. Since then has been developing a segmentation and solidification work in both information technology and telecommunications. Our main mission has been to invest in innovative products and services that bring value to the customer, that meet their needs and gain their loyalty. Thus, we believe that in order to continue to satisfy our customers’ needs and ensure our long-term success, we need to value key ingredients such as competence, technical know-how, transparency, innovation, understanding and professionalism

Avenida Almirante Reis, 17, 3
1150-008 Lisboa
Tel: (+351) 210152815
E-mail: geral@novexa.pt
Site: www.novexa.pt

Novexa’s goals


Provide a service of excellence to all our customers;

To surprise

Exceed your expectations;


Offer products that meet your needs;


Continuously improve our services and products.

The future is near!

Currently Novexa is subdivided into Novexa Mobile, a service and sales company in telecommunications and mobile devices, and Novexa IT, a company that provides services, products and assistance in information technology.

In the future, Novexa will also be in the nutrition and health markets with the brands Novexa Nutrition and Novexa Health.

Novexa provides services to both individual customers and companies. Presently we have customers all over Europe, Brazil, United States, Canada and Australia.

We are growing, come and join us!

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